​Home Inspection vs Home Appraisal

I often hear “I need a home inspection to see how much my house is worth”. False. Home inspections are there to protect your wallet but also your family. The inspector is supposed to be checking for safety and function. You need an appraisal to determine how much your house is worth. Appraisals are usually required by the bank during the loan process. In most cases and depending on the type of loan, the banks tends to not like lending you $200,000 if a house only appraises for $190,000. When our previous home was appraised before moving they spent a total of 20 minutes in and outside our home. They spent so little time they actually missed an ENTIRE fourth bedroom. We had to dispute the appraisal. Yes, you can do that. We won and the value of our previous home increased $5000. It still is crazy to me that an extra bedroom only added $5000 value to the appraisal. Home Inspection and Home Appraisal are different and both equally important.

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