Builder’s Warranty

builders warranty

If you are a builder of residential properties, you need to make the most of your investment. That means aggressively marketing the houses you build, working with a qualified real estate agent and doing everything you can to bring qualified home buyers through the door. It also means having every one of your properties inspected thoroughly, so you can provide those happy buyers with a solid warranty.

For the buyers, one of your newly-built homes is likely to be the most significant investment they will ever make. With so much money on the line, those buyers will want to make sure they are getting real value for their hard-earned money, and a builder’s warranty inspection can provide that kind of reassurance.

Finding and Fixing Deficiencies

Scheduling a thorough builder’s warranty inspection now can have a number of important benefits for both you and the buyers of your properties. By uncovering small deficiencies now, you will have time to fix the issues, so you can list your homes for more money and attract a greater number of qualified buyers.

For those buyers, the presence of a detailed builder’s warranty inspection can provide peace of mind – and reassurance that they have truly found the home of their dreams. And last but certainly not least, a thorough inspection can give you the confidence you need to offer buyers a solid warranty on the properties they have just purchased.
Family Shield Home Inspection Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Improving the Building Process

There is one additional benefit to scheduling a thorough builder’s warranty inspection. When you build homes in great quantity, even a small problem with the building process could cost you a lot of money. By having your first home inspected, you could uncover issues with the building process that would otherwise have gone undetected.

Scheduling a thorough inspection now, before you put your first home on the market or write out your home warranty, will give you time to fix any deficiencies, so every subsequent home you build will be better, higher quality and more valuable, than the first.

It does not matter if you are building several homes a year or a dozen homes a month – you need a way to reassure buyers and give them the confidence they need to make an offer. By scheduling a thorough builder’s warranty home inspection now, you can gain that confidence and peace of mind, so you can list your homes for sale, enjoy a sound return on your investment and make the most of your home building business.

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