Seller/Listing Inspection


If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, you need to prepare carefully before you call the listing agent. The actions you take now, before listing your home, can have a huge impact on the value of the property – and how long it takes to sell.

One of the most vital pre-sale tasks sellers should complete is scheduling a thorough pre-sale home inspection. You can bet every would-be buyer will want to see a detailed inspection of the property, and being ready with that report can make everything else go smoothly.

The Value of a Seller’s Inspection

Some home sellers wait for the buyer to ask before scheduling a home inspection, but smart homeowners take a more proactive approach. Instead of waiting for the buyers to ask, those homeowners schedule their own top to bottom inspection, so they will have a report ready to show any interested parties.

By scheduling a home inspection now, sellers can make their lives, and the lives of would-be buyers, a lot easier. Potential buyers will get peace of mind, knowing that there are no major deficiencies in the property. At the same time, the current owner of the home can use the report to fix minor cosmetic damage, possibly making the property more valuable in the process.

Reading the Report

Once the home inspection has been scheduled and completed, the inspectors will present the homeowner with a detailed report of their findings. These findings will cover a number of areas, from the condition of the roof and the foundation to possible issues with the roof and the heating system.

It is important to read the seller’s inspection carefully, so you will be able to discuss it intelligently with any potential buyers who ask. Taking a look at the report now will also give you time to make minor repairs, like fixing cosmetic damage and making any recommended improvements.

Peace of Mind for You and the Buyer

Whether your real estate agent recommends a home inspection or you conduct one on their own, this pre-sale check of your home will have enormous benefits. For you, the homeowner, the seller’s inspection can be a huge advantage, putting your property one step ahead of others that have not yet been inspected.

For buyers, the presence of the seller’s inspection can provide real peace of mind, giving them the confidence they need to make an offer. Having your property inspected now could even help it sell more quickly, so you can book your profit and move on with the rest of your life.

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