What Types Of Things Do Home Inspectors Find That The Average Homeowner Misses?

A thorough home inspectors will have tools and equipment they use to help find or rule out issues. Examples are moisture meter, mold and lead paint testing kits, radon test, water pressure gauge. If you see a home inspector inspecting your neighbor’s house and they are not wearing a tool belt, you might want to think twice about using them. They likely are not utilizing all the tools needed to properly inspect a home. We often find mold in crawl spaces, attics and basements that the homeowner was not aware of due to them not knowing what to look for and not being in those spaces often. Foundation and erosion issues due to poor drainage (see picture). Radon gas testing is a huge benefit of a home inspector. I will touch base more on Radon gas poising in a later blog. Water pressure is too high which can put wear and tear on the plumbing and cause an increase in utility bills. Siding improperly installed, even on new construction homes. Fire places are not very well maintained which could cause a fire hazard. We often find wood rot around windows where they were not properly sealed. Electrical outlets are not working and/or grounded. Having a professional come out to look at your house is a needed investment.

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